Learn how to communicate in a co-operative, non-judgemental way.

Your path to effective communication starts here.

We believe that life’s better when we know how to communicate well. All consultations and workshops are designed to meet the specific needs of the individual or group.

Individuals and Couples

We all want to experience relationships built on trust, love and acceptance but to do this we have to first develop self-empathy.  As we learn to understand our own emotions and recognise our needs, our empathy for the feelings and needs of others in our lives will grow, leading to greater understanding and connection. 

I want to have happy, healthy relationships in my life.


If you are longing for genuine connection and healthy, loving relationships in your family, we can help. 

The No-Fault Zone Game is a fun, non-confrontational way to understand one another better and shift from managing behaviour through blame and punishment towards mutual respect and collaboration. 

Identify unhealthy patterns of communication and gain the skills to connect on a much deeper level, with each family member feeling valued and appreciated.

Create a strong, loving foundation for your family now and for generations to come.

We want to enjoy close, loving relationships in our family.

Community and Small Group Workshops

All communication is about connection.   We have used The No-Fault Zone Game as a tool to teach the principles of Compassionate Communication in a variety of small community groups.

Participants have gained the skills to initiate meaningful conversations that lead to collaboration, effective problem solving and conflict resolution.

I want to attend your next workshop.

Skills Development Training for Social Services Professionals

We provide training to teach Social Workers, Counsellors and Health Service providers how to use The No-Fault Zone Game with their clients to teach them the skills of recognising and understanding their emotions, communicating clearly with compassion and connecting meaningfully with others. 

Empower your clients with the skills to resolve conflict with empathy and transform unhealthy generational patterns of communication.

Help me to help my clients 

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