Learn how to communicate in a co-operative, non-judgemental way

The No-Fault Zone Game is a revolutionary communication tool that has helped thousands of people around the world discover the words to express themselves effectively and listen actively to others. 

Fun, affordable and easy to use, The No-Fault Zone Game guides you step-by-step as you transition from blame and shame to compassion and consideration.

So much more than just a game

The colourful No-Fault Zone Game board and card decks make learning how to communicate with empathy and solve conflict accessible for everyone, no matter your age or stage in life.

  • Understand your own feelings, so that you can have compassion for the feelings of others
  • Recognise your patterns of communication
  • Get to the source of problems quickly without blame or shame
  • Resolve conflict respectfully and peacefully
  • Discover mutually satisfying solutions and pathways forward

It may look like a simple board game, but The No-Fault Zone Game is a powerful tool to teach emotional literacy,  integrating the principles of Marshall Rosenberg’s Compassionate Communication in a cohesive and profoundly life-changing way.

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Visual and tactile
  • Affordable and portable
  • Colourful and fun

​ We’re with you on your journey

We have seen The No-Fault Zone Game change hundreds of people’s lives and we believe that it will help you too.

Create genuine connection through effective communication between

  • Couples
  • Parents, children and extended families
  • Teams and small groups

We are here to support you with workshops and on-going training so that you too can experience the joy of honest, open communication and the connection of healthy, restored relationships.

It’s time to get talking

Each No-Fault Zone Game comes with: 2 Mats; 2 Card Decks (each deck includes a set of Feelings Cards, Need Cards, and Choice Cards); a token; a booklet of ways to play; a tote bag for storage.


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