Creating genuine connection through effective communication - one conversation at a time.

Does this sound familiar?

No one listens to me.
I can't go on in this relationship.
What is wrong with me?
I don't know what to do?
I keep trying but nothing changes.
I give up.

If our need to be understood and supported is not met, we may feel hurt and anger.  These emotions can be overwhelming - sometimes we squash them down or over-react to the smallest thing - which causes pain, resentment, and division in our relationships.

If we don't understand our own needs and feelings, we can't understand or have compassion for the needs and feelings of others.

But when we DO feel heard and validated, we are better able to respond to others with empathy, helping to meet their needs and finding new ways to solve old problems.

Authentic Communication happens when

  • Everyone feels safe to express their feelings and needs
  • Everyone’s feelings are acknowledged and understood
  • Everyone’s needs are recognised, validated and met


Learn to understand each other and turn conflict into co-operation


Communicate clearly and collaborate effectively


Professional Development Training to equip you to help your clients communicate effectively


A revolutionary tool to connect with our feelings and needs and how to communicate those well

Here at Authentic Communication, we help people understand and express their feelings, become empowered to meet their needs and resolve conflict.

Our vision is to assist individuals, families, and groups to learn how to communicate more effectively so that their relationships are healthier, stronger, and more connected.

We also equip Social Service professionals with the tools to help their clients break unhealthy patterns of communication while learning how to connect and solve conflicts with respect and empathy.

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