Do you remember doing a science experiment at school where the teacher poured iron filings on to the table and then held a magnet near them?  All the filings were immediately drawn to the magnet, covering it until it looked like a fuzzy little creature. We can feel a bi...
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10 Blocks To Listening Well

January 18, 2021
We want to be able to listen so others feel heard and understood.  Being a good listener is a skill we can practice and improve.  Here is a list of what not to do......
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The holiday season can be a stressful time as families gather together.  Emotions run high, expectations go into overload and not everyone brings their best self to the table.   Here are some suggestions that will help you enjoy your meal instead of biting your ton...
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Finding Meaning In Our Mistakes

September 14, 2020
I invite you to think about a situation in which you did something you regret.  Can you feel a physical response as you remember it?  Maybe your chest feels tight, or you feel a knot in your stomach? How do you speak to yourself about what you did?  Does it so...
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Let's be honest, relationships can be hard.  They can be complicated.  They get messy.  Whether it’s with a life partner, a child, a family member or a work colleague, our relationships can become filled with assumptions, expectations, and judgements. Empath...
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