Listening well to others is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.  It lets them know that they matter and their life experience is valid and meaningful.  Last week, I wrote about 10 Blocks To Listening.  Did you recognise any of those behaviours in yours...
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10 Blocks To Listening Well

January 18, 2021
We want to be able to listen so others feel heard and understood.  Being a good listener is a skill we can practice and improve.  Here is a list of what not to do......
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Listening More Than We Talk

December 4, 2020
I was in the supermarket yesterday and I heard a very stressed mum exclaim to her young son: “I wish you would just do what I say!” My heart went out to her. I’m a mum and even though my children are now adults, I clearly remember those moments when I felt overwhelmed....
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