Have you ever had an experience where someone else blamed you for not meeting their needs?  Perhaps you didn’t even know that they had those needs or you didn’t believe it was your role to meet them (but they sure did!). I see this happen often in many different rel...
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Mike, a single dad of teenage daughter, Riley, was distraught.  “I’ve been doing my best to be a good Dad but she doesn’t even want to talk to me.  She’s miserable!  I always thought I would be a better Dad than my father was but it looks like I...
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The No-Fault Zone® Game

September 18, 2020
Do you want to understand yourself better and figure out why you say and do the things you do? Would you love to be able to express yourself with more clarity and confidence? Do you experience misinterpretations and misunderstandings in relationships?The No-Fault Zone® Game...
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Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a compassionate, honest way of communicating that aims to foster genuine connection and understanding.  It provides a simple four-step process that helps us to express our feelings honestly and communicate our needs clearly, whilst stil...
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