There is a popular parenting book called "How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen".  I have to be honest, I prefer to suggest that we learn How to Listen So That Our Children Will Talk. When my children were very young they loved to talk to me.  To be honest, there we...
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Our families are where we first learn how to understand and relate to ourselves and others.  As parents, we can feel a huge amount of pressure to get it right - sometimes we believe that to be a good parent we have to be a perfect parent.  This is not true! ...
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It’s so much easier to do what we’ve always done in our lives.  It’s comfortable and familiar.  Our complex brains like it because they know what to expect.  They can be resistant to change or unpredictability and see new experiences or ways of thinking ...
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Listening More Than We Talk

December 4, 2020
I was in the supermarket yesterday and I heard a very stressed mum exclaim to her young son: “I wish you would just do what I say!” My heart went out to her. I’m a mum and even though my children are now adults, I clearly remember those moments when I felt overwhelmed....
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